Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Dukan Diet Diaries

Remember my little weight issue I seem to have bored you to tears with? Well I'm back but this time I have a plan of action.
I have decided once and for all, enough is enough. No more moaning about how big my bum looks, how none of my clothes fit and time to start acting. So 3 words: THE.DUKAN.DIET

A celeb trending diet endorsed by J-LO and The Middleton's (I want Pippa's backside please!) and a diet i a league of its own.
So is it a diet of starvation or just shakes? NO. YIPPEE! Basically there are 3 phases to the diet. Phase 1: Attack. Phase 2: Cruise. Phase 3: Consolidation.
Attack is a pure protein diet lasting between 1-10 days and you can eat as much as you like in the form of fish, some meats, some poultry, eggs, oat bran, natural yoghurt's, prawns and crab sticks, plenty of water and if your craving sugar, a diet coke!
Cruise will alternate between only vegetables or only protein.
Consolidation is same as above but adding cheese, bread and fruit.
After that, you are advised to follow the diet one day a week for the rest of your life......whoa!!!

Whats great is that it is incredibly personalised - if you opt for online help then you will have a programme emailed to you every day with recipe ideas and progress reports and exercises to follow. You also need to fill in your stats every day and this is analysed by one the Dukan bods.

So Day 1 over (yesterday) and how did I get on? Well I struggled as I have an incredibly sweet tooth and plus the added factor I am no Nigella, it is hard going but the way I see it...not only do I get to achieve my target weight but also learn how to cook.

I have 4 days of attack, which means I will lose up to about 7 pounds in that time but slowing it down by adding veg.
So i am going to be really brave now and admit my 'before' weight, just so you can all track my progress (I now feel under incredible amounts of pressure!)

Start weight: 10 st 8 lbs

After day 1 of attack: 10 st 5 1/2

This is not going to be easy but it seems like the best diet out there where you actually receive support and a period of real phasing in to a normal diet again without piling the pounds on again.

Pippa Middleton's backside.....watch this space!

The Dukan Diet


  1. Best buy ever! I am 71 and had low expectations of losing the unwanted pounds. Within 6 weeks I had lost 20 pounds and as promised in the book, the weight has stayed off. The book is concise and easy to understand with no measuring or weighing. Just plenty to eat. Have recommended it to my friends who are amazed at my new healthy shape. You are never too old to make a difference.

  2. Glad to hear it!!! Admittedly i have popped some weight back on, but hey, I am human after all. Welcome to the blog!


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